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Post Award Cycle 12.29.2021


    • Li He — Grants and Contracts Associate, EPSY, CBER & GIFTED
    • Leah Ward - Grants and Contracts Specialist, EDCI & EDLR
    • April Moore - Faculty Services, EDCI & EDLR

    Research Resources

    Neag School Research Support

    Dean’s Research Incentive Award (DRIA)

    • DRIA Description and Application Guidelines 2022 —The purpose of the Dean’s Research Incentive Award (DRIA) is to enhance research activity in the Neag School of Education. The program is open to Neag faculty who will use the funds for seed projects that facilitate acquisition of external funding. Successful applications will promote, support, and enhance the research, scholarship, and creative endeavors of Neag faculty with priority given to those showing the greatest promise for future external funding.
    • DRIA Application 2022
    • DRIA Proposal Development Course Release Form

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