Budget, Finance, and Administration

University Fiscal and Administrative Systems

  • Concur — Pre/Post Travel Reimbursements; ProCard Reconciliation
  • CoreCT — Statewide Payroll System
  • HuskyBuy — Purchasing System
  • InfoEd — Sponsored Program Services’ (SPS) Grant Tracking System
  • KFS — Kuali Financial (Record Keeping) System
  • PageUp — Hiring System
  • RFD/Paper Save — Request for Disbursement (Foundation’s Reimbursement System)
  • WebFocus — Financial Reporting System
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Our Team


  • Barbara Sousa, Assistant Dean & Chief Operating Officer
  • Jeffrey Crouse, Advisory 

    Business and Account Management 

      Pre-Award Management 

        Post-Award Management 


        Purchasing through the University involves various processes depending on the variables and fund source. To ensure compliance, please consult with your department administrative staff or the BGS for appropriate guidelines.

        Important points to consider:

        • SPS Grant Purchases — Items and services purchased with grant funds requires additional oversight, process requirements and approvals.  Please consult the fiscal officer on the account for more information prior to initiating any purchase.
        • Foundation Purchases — Foundation purchases are processed through the foundation RFD process.  For more information contact your Department’s Fiscal Officer.
        • Foundation Event Pre-Approval Form To use Foundation funds for events and catering the pre-approval must be submitted and approved.
        • Business Meal Pre-Approval Form — Food/meal purchases for faculty and staff only meetings and events is rarely allowed.  Special permission is required by the Provost Office PRIOR to the meeting/event. Please contact your Department's Fiscal Officer prior to planning a meeting or event where food will be served.
        • Business Meal Form — This form can be used for Food/meal purchases for meetings/events that are not solely attended by faculty, staff and students.
        • Out of Pocket Purchases — Rush or emergency purchases made by faculty and staff must be less than $499.99 per item and $2,000 overall and will require sufficient back up for justification. The ProCard may also be an option for emergency purchases. Please check with your department's Pro Card holder.
        • Parking Validation Form for guests.
        • ProCard — Many departments have the use of a University Credit Card or Pro Card for certain purchases. Due to the extensive list of items that are NOT allowable to be purchased on a ProCard and daily/monthly expenditure limits, please consult with the Pro Card holder prior to authorizing any purchases.

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